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Top: Science & Education (19)
 * Wikipedia
Ever wanted to look up something on Wikipedia on your phone?
 * Wapedia
Welcome to Wapedia.mobi, the encyclopedia for mobile devices. Here you can read the more than 10 million articles of the Wikipedia encyclopedia.
 * LangtoLang
English, German, Italian, Turkish, Spanish multilingual dictionary
 * Answers.com
Answer engine, with quick accurate dictionary, thesaurus
 * LookWAYup Dictionary
Handheld dictionary
 * Word Reference
Free Online French, Italian and Spanish Dictionaries.
HIV and AIDS information site.
 * Pet Names
Find names for your pet on your mobile, Search thousands of pet names.
 * BrainyQuote
Quote of the day
 * Novels.mobi
Novels On Your Mobile Device
 * Zargan
Turkish- English dictionary
 * Acronym Geek
Find out what an acronym stands for on your mobile.
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Find Friends, Chat & Date
Top: Science & Education: Dictionary , Reference, Translator

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