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Biggest online mobile community!
 * MobileIRC Wap Chat!
Chat with people all around the world!
 * WAP Groups
Browse by topic, join to meet new people and chat in your custom designed group home!
 * Mail2web
Mail2Wap allows you to anonymously pick up your e-mail from any POP3 server
 * Message Boards (Forums)
Discussion boards are the best places to find information
 * Gmail Mobile
Gmail Mobile
 * Tjat
A free WAP-based Mobile Instant Messaging client
 * Fast Flirting
Make new friends via your mobile with Speed Dating
 * Facebook
Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you.
 * Beampub
The Pocket Pub
 * Showboxx
Upload your photos videos
 * MobineSSia
MobineSSia is mobile social network which focused on micro-blogging directly from your mobile phones, PDA, and any handheld devices.
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Find Friends, Chat & Date
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