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thywoh01 / ID:2848479

Taiwo Akowonjo 24 M
lagos Nigeria, Africa

Just a cool headed guy and straight forward guy

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* galaxy s4 (3)

* If I want to use my wifi connection it won't on ... >>

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thywoh01 - 14.01.19 01:40am
Hi evaped

thywoh01 - 1.01.19 09:33pm
This is somehow cool since I'm not opportuned 2 check ur profile I can't possibly knw if u have others and Hapi New year

evaped - 30.12.18 07:19am
No probs. It shud help ya find new mates. Glad ya like ma pic. I hav othas and change pic occasionally.

thywoh01 - 29.12.18 10:13pm
i wuld try and add one soon and tanks for enlightening me and i really like ur new pics

evaped - 28.12.18 01:04pm
Selfie or pics taken by mates help. Not add peeps unless state so as too many will block ya

thywoh01 - 27.12.18 10:36pm
Okay I would soon add another pics if that would make guys to chat with us and I have told u before I'm not one of those scammer and for me not being banned from this site I think I am lucky

evaped - 26.12.18 09:01am
Ok y dont u use different pics on this site? The 2 pics here basically the same. I have no probs wi Africans. I have a prob wi u lot ignorin dun add and havin go at us gals who pm only. Often ya lot just ya do pop ups ta scam or send pervy pop ups. Most of the Africans and Indians on here who have sent me and ma mates bud reqs have been banned from this site.

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