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48 M
London, UK

They call me stud, they call me handsome, they call me cool, they call me wayne. That's not my name!

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* Worst misinterpreted lyrics(21)

* Midlife Crisis, by Faith No More rocke <a href="../../forums/oku2_4.asp?sid=&forum=music&id=950726">>></a><br/>

<img src="../../forums/images/post.gif" alt="*"/> Kiss <img src= Strutte >>
* How soon is now, The Smiths jammin >>
* Blinded by the lights, The Streets jam <a href="../../forums/oku2_4.asp?sid=&forum=music&id=950684">>></a><br/>

<img src="../../forums/images/post.gif" alt="*"/> Slashdotdash by FatboySlim <img src= >>

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