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peaceout / ID:2528003

Peace Rose Roseail 29 F
Lagos(Nigeria), Africa

I need true n nice frndz, boredom can drive you to insanity, AUTHENTICAL FREEDOM.

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More About peaceout
peaceout is of black / african origin, straight, single, believer, living with ? and wants to be a mom one day. She has graduated from high school.

She is normal weight, under 5' (152cm) tall, has black eyes and average body

Motivated to survive and do rights. more details >>

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Comments (6)

mjeff1 - 28.03.14 01:16pm
pure wat???? virgin?????

st_roz3y - 13.08.13 01:05am
What is Val?

st_roz3y - 22.05.13 09:10am
Are you still doing val, Rose?

sunnyty - 15.12.12 06:53pm
Wow! u most be a good xtian

peaceout - 4.10.12 11:44am
Wow God is Gud 2 me

st_roz3y - 15.09.12 09:15am
I just have to say I like your comments....stay glued to Christ. He is the only option we have got. All other ground is sinking sand.


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