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jim580 / ID:2491467

James Hannah 53 M


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debby28 - 29.07.18 01:07pm
You look wonderful , nice pic

sharlley - 16.07.15 07:10am
am back to your life again dear

debby28 - 8.02.14 02:26pm
honey u dnt hv to be discourage because d plan of God for ur life is of gud and not of evil .

debby28 - 8.02.14 11:42am
honey d favour of God is establishing ur miracle marriage this year in d book of prov 18 v 22 .Any human as a frm of devourer dt wnt to stop ur miracle marriage dis year is destroy in name of jesus

wakeshy - 10.11.13 05:35pm
Ur handsome wy lie

stud20m - 21.07.13 03:52pm
U look handsome en only ur heart thats wins me back.

debby28 - 5.07.13 10:08am
if u value true luv den act fast dnt wast time to take it close to u, unless if u dnt value ur true luv when u lost it some one else wil value it and keep it also care for it.i luv u honey mwaahh.

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