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3mel / ID:1176239

crotchety fangler 79 M
third rock just past the pool of acid, Hades, UK

let there be CAKE!

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* how does it compare to your S7 or S8 ? [br][br]my ... >>
* pay for two small Thai women to walk up and down ... >>
* the full sized S10 can't cost much than that I'm ... >>
* the only ways are if you activated the find my ... >>
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Comments (92)

0gypsy0 - 4.06.20 08:56pm
I guess you should truly know who I am. Here is an exclusive : I'm broke

0gypsy0 - 4.06.20 08:56pm
Hey, how are you doing today? Rich widower was the first thing I saw when I went through your picture / profile and I wonder why a man like you is still single... Perhaps, all the women around you are blind . We can hook up and hopefully, be wonderful soul mates and later married.... (flirty2)

13lives - 7.01.20 11:12pm
Hey Mel. Thanks for the lovely detergent photo and the warm welcome back ;)

minmei - 7.07.18 02:26pm
No 3mel. It's a play on the window cleaner and the caption.

0gypsy0 - 14.12.17 11:56pm

mista.jay - 30.12.16 08:09pm
All the bestest for 2017 norty melanie:-)

garry38 - 5.11.16 08:44pm
Suzanne u should watch ya chips lol

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