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+ Make sure the e-mail address you've entered is the one when you entered while registering Prodigits.

+ If you get the messages "User name doesn't exist" when login to Prodigits then it's probably your account has been deleted by admin for a reason. (inappropriate user name, profile details, spam, previously banned user etc..)

+ If you forgot the e-mail address or can't access it anymore contact us and give information required by us to make sure that the account really belongs to you. (old password, registered phone, e-mail etc.) Note that it's hard to make sure that account belongs to you in most cases.
+ If someone has guessed your password and using your account, create a new nick name and contact admin via Prodigits inbox. Give details like old password, e-mail and be sure to send message from the same phone that you used to register stolen account. Note that we can only help recovering old accounts at the time.
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