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Any woman to love me or lady i m single
Date: 9.1.16
Views: 518

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Comments (7)

kooh - 13.03.16 02:12pm
jus call me koohpid (curtsey) thank u am here all wk (pmpl)
kooh - 13.03.16 02:01pm
send him a requests (pmpl)
kooh - 13.03.16 12:58pm
u take him kel (pmpl) hes got bits i don't like...his clothes match ur hair (hi5)
kelypso - 13.03.16 12:53pm
Leave him alone, I think he wants to marry me (pmpl)
kooh - 13.03.16 12:46pm
i have him blocked he must be after koohs ass
msdeedee - 13.03.16 12:38pm
Lovely lashes though
kooh - 13.03.16 12:38pm
dude all that pink tells me u shud be lookin 4 a guy...come outta the closet tis fun

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