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Noorshad ali - 12.02.11 - 05:52am
I love my I Phone very much. Thank u apple.

Selvin - 7.09.10 - 07:18am
Crap one can compete iPhone dame cool poor nokia,Sony feel pitty on u

Sami Islam - 26.05.09 - 12:48pm
So expensive. I dont think its a 3G phone. But why ppls call it 3G? This is my Question. LCD is big. Resolution and Pic quality good. Supports Googly Map. But I really dont lyke ths phn. SORRY 2 APPLE.

johnechono - 13.03.09 - 07:22pm
basically i luv my has wifi connectivity which i use a lot...d battery life is extraordinary when its fully charged...i have found no faults so far so good

Andan - 10.04.08 - 01:00pm
Ahm!Glam0rous phone i used it 4 almost 3 months ago!And mind you it never gve problems 2 me!Watta nice features that youll truely enj0y!Buy it to try:)

jessica - 31.03.08 - 09:13pm
i love my iphone. no doubt the best thing on that baby is the camera! it takes absolutely amazing pictures! there is nothing even comparable out there!! if you dont already have an iphone then basically you ;)

Algeir - 26.03.08 - 04:24am
StUpid gadGEt!!! I just wasteD my m0Ney d0nT have any fEATureS that cAN fulLfil my interest..Gps c0nNEcti0n is rare! N0 3g fEATure!Doesnt have 3rd partY applicati0n and lastLY low bATtery p0wer..

Vinod - 2.09.07 - 09:46am
Here are some of the drawbacks 1 we cannot remove battery 2 we cannot change sim only works with att network usa 3 cannot add 3rd party applications 4 very poor to type 5 for service we have to go to apple service centers takes too much time to get repair 6 only 2 mega pixel camera 7 price so high overall this is a waste phone in comparison with nokia phones by vinod indiausa mobile 00919446105047

Ranvir - 30.08.07 - 12:18pm
Good felling,good size make music magic arround you

pete - 1.08.07 - 01:46am
lack of many features but still i want ine desperately but dont know why lol.. I love the ease of navigation best then multitouch screen

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