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Subject: Celeb Gossip
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bstinger 12.02.12 - 03:14am
RIP Whitney houston truly u were every woman... *

dragonn 12.02.12 - 11:06pm
Bstringer, if only i could press 'like' on your comment.. Mighty sad indeed, a flower plucked too soon, may she rest in eternal peace. *

dragonn 12.02.12 - 11:07pm
Forgive the typo, meant bstinger. *

g.a 17.02.12 - 04:39pm
Just realized i used 2 love her songz of d '80z without knowin they were herz. R.I.P Whitney. My condolencez to d family, n esp her daughter n Mom *

dragonn 22.02.12 - 05:03am
One of the very few patriots and heroes of all times passes on. A man who knew his job n did it with all his heart, putting his love for his country first. R. I. P. Hon. John Michuki.. *

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