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A fun place for any Nintendo fan!

Group Founder: soulsiph
Description: A fun place for Ninty fans to talk it up and discuss anything Nintendo! Please have fun and try to be polite. Thanks.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 13
Category: Games > Nintendo

Topics (21)

go +what are you playing?+ (5) soulsiph
go +Can Wii Play DVDs?+ (6) gazy
go --Monster Hunter Tri-- (3) soulsiph
go +pool+ (2) gazy
go +brings back old+ (5) gazy

Links (4)

go If your interested in any kind of modding to your wii then check this place out. They tell you anything and everything you'd want to know about it.
go GameFAQS.com
go Nintendo.com
go PBS.org

Polls (5)

go Do you have a Club Nintendo account?
go Do you plan to buy a 3DS?
go Do you subscribe to Nintendo Power magazine?
go Do you stream a Netflix account through your Wii?
go Do you play your Wii online?


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