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Group Founder: si_27_uk
Description: hey ppl here we go with all my wii updates and reviews of upcoming nintendo wii games.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 19
Category: Games > Nintendo

Topics (67)

go **leaving** (0) soulsiph
go Animal Crossing : City Folk (4) si_27_uk
go Wi-fi Compatible Games (0) soulsiph
go WiiWare (0) soulsiph
go Nintendo News (USA) [16] soulsiph

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Files (6)

0 Crazy Eyes gif
1 Sonic thumbs up logo gif
2 Red dice gif
3 Goku SS gif
4 Wind Waker gif


Links (5)

go Nintendo Fan Forum
go gamespot.com
go IGN.com
go everything u need to know about ur wii. Any questions u av can be answered here.
go a place where to download all ur wii games and gamecube game. Ur wii must be chipped for u to play them. For pc users only


Polls (6)

go Which one to buy ?
go Do you think Red Steel 2 will be much better than the first ?
go What's your controller choice for Brawl?
go Which is the most violent?
go Which game would you like to see hit the Wii?


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