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Star pro-360-clubhouse
this kick club is for xbox gamers who are the best and have a decent gamerscore

Group Founder: mr.360
Description: talk about lastest games updates cheats tricks and to post ur top achievements.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 50
Category: Games > Xbox 360

Topics (26)

go GEARS OF WAR 3 (0) garrett2
go Gamerscore [7] tylerj20
go hints , cheat , codes. [10] conker39
go SvR10? (0) flareman
go Nxe themes (0) xb0x360o

Links (4)

go 1up. Gaming News , Reviews , Tips . Ect . . .
go Xbox and 360 parts, accessories, mod chips.
go gamespot news reviews and previews
go all things xbox

Polls (2)

go which is best, oblivion or fallout 3
go best 360 game

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