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Star Pokemaniacs
Pkmn discussions, tips, hints, gts and wi-fi trade, fc etc (all legitimate pkmn titles welcome)

Group Founder: za_tygra
Description: Hey there fellow pokemaniac's, yes i know, another pokemon group.. Hea'z what i hope to do, i'd like to trade game hints and tips, discuss favourites and battle tactics, bragging rights over shiny pokemon caught or bred, contest tips.. Gamers of every legitimate pokemon title welcome. I'm also hoping to get some great links and pics as well, any ideas feel free to inbox me! Thankyou!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 20
Category: Games > Nintendo

Topics (6)

go To all active members (1) za_tygra
go online in a while (5) jo5hu4
go wanna battle? (2) jo5hu4
go Chaining pokemon (0) za_tygra
go Pokefarm link (0) za_tygra

Links (1)

go Pokemon farm- p.s, legit pokemon for trade only

Polls (2)

go What is your favourite pokemon game?
go What is your favourite legendary pokemon?

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