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Subject: Windows Drivers.
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alvar89 3.06.22 - 06:42pm

@ savage01 - 2.06.22 - 07:37pm
The IObit driver booster looks really good, too scared to use it though!

Why do any drivers need a boosting? It makes no sense. Giving some 3rd party software low level access to your system smells more like a backdoor for selling out your information rather than actually helping. I have never used any of these things because they already sound cheesy enough to avoid. Your windows keeps your drivers in check for you and all else is managed by applications themselves. These are just bloatware bogging up your system nothing else. There is no security risks involved either with not having the latest drivers. They hardly ever even come by. You win nothing with it. If you have a gaming card then update it youreself when you get a new game benefitting from its optimization. * +

sisfreak2017 4.06.22 - 01:19am
There's fkn loads of those sheoite drive doctor etc apps.

If you've got too much money to waste on that load of sheoite, give it to a charity instead. * +

savage01 4.06.22 - 12:34pm
Okay m8. *

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