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Subject: Micro SDXC Card Android.
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savage01 6.06.22 - 06:59pm
I have i Micro SD card from my android phone but want to upgrade to a 4k one so i have to transfer my data just tried to copy the data to my laptop and cant do it. So is it possible and if so how do i do it any help would be great. Thanks. * +

savage01 6.06.22 - 07:02pm
Its mainly apps i want to transfer if it is not possible i will just download them again. * +

sisfreak2017 7.06.22 - 06:53pm
Doodaaah * +

sisfreak2017 7.06.22 - 07:12pm
You can copy your apps, use a file manager app application, eg Total Commander. Select installed apps and select/copy and drop them into a folder you choose. Then connect to your computer and copy the folder, on your phone, containing your app installers to your computer. You then have your installers. * +

savage01 7.06.22 - 10:45pm
Thank you for your help! :-) * +

savage01 7.06.22 - 10:53pm
Much appreciated. *

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