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Subject: upgrade CPU
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norega 9.06.22 - 10:17pm

@ sisfreak2017 - 9.06.22 - 04:48pm
You should use your chainsaw and make a custom rustic computer out of pine trees.

You saying that i have seen some amazing cases made from wood over on overclokers forums * +

alvar89 11.06.22 - 11:35am
My whole house is wood so i keep to a metal case. Too much of it does not look good. Wooden case would be a good accent into a modern open big windowed type of house or a traditional masonry building. * +

john_163 8.07.22 - 11:55am
the 3060ti pricing are getting decent starting with 480 the rx 6600 XT at 390 , confused which one should i get during the black friday sale, since i have a 550 watts cpu can look for anything further than 3060ti * +

alvar89 13.07.22 - 06:07pm
The price drops seen in the US will take time to happen in EU. Will propably drop down in a few weeks. *

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