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Subject: Windows 11
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mikeymk 21.02.22 - 06:08am
Yay or nay? Or not yet?

And if you've worked your way around it already, any likes/dislikes, tips..? * +

sisfreak2017 22.02.22 - 10:15am
My computers don't currently meet the required specifications. cry.gif
I don't want to go down the loophole method. I can't see it being much different than 10, so fk to it. * +

mikeymk 22.02.22 - 05:00pm
Well i'm now on 11 and you're not missing much.

I am, though. Start menu has gone, the physical start key takes me to a more basic tile card. Search bar has gone from the taskbar. It's like a Fisher Price version of 10. Old paint has gone completely, i can probably put the 3D one on the taskbar.

Less is more? We'll see. But as ever with these updates, you always feel you've been robbed. And here's no exception. * +

mikeymk 23.02.22 - 03:34pm
So after more than 5 mins after the upload you begin to find everything. Seems it's all still there.

There's a little key on the start tile that takes you to the whole list. Or you can just use the apps there, which are neatly laid out instead of the daft jigsaw 10 had.
The search bar is still there, but again, it's hidden behind a soft key for it. There is no Cortana. Old paint is in there after all, and it's slightly updated but functions much the same - again, you just have to dig one step deeper to find it, instead of taking the paint 3D option it wants to give you...

There are more options with things once you're there though, it's all tiles and widgets, preset segments for apps/pages/things on the screen so you're not having to manually open everything and place it everywhere. Videos for example go from editing level to genuinely full screen in one click but it's just knowing what's what, and where, especially when it's hidden and invisible/ghosted until you hover over where it is.

Admittedly i wasn't very good with 10, i hadn't really bothered with it. Just did the few things i needed.
Already i'm thinking 11 might be much better, once i know my way around it. * +

warded 25.02.22 - 05:10pm
i have no opinion atm and my devices aren't compatible anyway * +

alvar89 26.02.22 - 04:10pm
Its the first time im not jumping early to a new OS. Been on early previews on each version as soon as they have come out but skipped this one even on full release. I have 2 devices compatible with 11 but still see no benefit this early. With a new pc build i might jump tho. They will start skipping things on 10 then its time to move. * +

warded 27.02.22 - 06:47pm
When Windows 10 support ends i will install GNU/Linux on the devices. comphelp * +

mikeymk 1.03.22 - 08:06pm
I don't understand the fascination with making Windows look so basic. I have to click a button now just to find out what day it is. * +

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