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Subject: VLC media player
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savage01 27.07.21 - 07:34am
Hey, when i put in one DVD it works but when i put in another it says Your input can't be opened:
VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///D:/'. Check the log for details. What does this mean and why is it not working? thanks for any help.
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warded 28.07.21 - 07:16pm
Is it a very specific disc that does not work? also i recall you need to open the log and set the verbosity to 2 and then try to use the non-working dvd and see what it says. * +

savage01 29.07.21 - 06:31am
I will try it, thanks warded. * +

savage01 29.07.21 - 06:39am
I dont know how to do that. . . * +

savage01 29.07.21 - 09:13am
Ok i googled it the only bit i do not understand is and set the log file in Log filename * +

savage01 29.07.21 - 09:22am
Ok it is now working, thanks a lot warded for your help * +

warded 9.06.23 - 10:06pm
Just want to add that VLC plays back DVDs quite randomly. It usually is a problem in the DVD itself, not necessarily a direct fault in the player. The playback ability varies from disc to disc... Spirited Away works fine while Rambo 2 does not etc. if you have the ability you can report bugs/playback problems to VLCs developers. I assume they still have a forum of their own. *

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