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Subject: Windows Insider Preview Build 19042.662
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john_163 8.12.20 - 05:50pm
does any one has this lastest patch? if yes do you have issues with some old application crashing? as for me i can use nox player it just keeps crashing nor can install it, cant play leagues of legend aswell now..it gives error * +

john_163 8.12.20 - 08:20pm
ok just got the tuesday patch from windows..now the issue has been fixed cheers2.gif can install both the applications * +

alvar89 18.12.20 - 05:21pm
I used the insider builds on a secondary boot drive or completely other pc. These things have bugs and will not be good for any serious use. I use them out of curiosity only. * +

john_163 19.02.21 - 06:13pm
yea and now looks like the tuesday patch has caused this graphic issues pc crashes..uninstalld n reinstall so far works fine * +

alvar89 20.02.21 - 05:07pm
I had a really weird crashing from a nvidia driver a few months back. Got black screen from games and later on random use also. Had to hard reset. Changed the driver and it went away. *

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