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mbios led flicker - Page 1/1

Subject: mbios led flicker
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kogul5 8.04.18 - 05:06pm
Howzit,..box turns on,fans spinning ECT,but display , keyboard and mouse stay dead.i tried most things already... resetting CMOS... buttons...plus pulling battery..ram removal and reinstallation...gfx card removal and reinstallation...the sw4 switch...still nothing...mobo GA z77x ud3h.....CPU...i7 3770 ..gfx gainward 670 ..the one thing I did not do is CPU removal..cause I didn't mess with it before... *

kogul5 8.04.18 - 05:07pm
Any help appreciated.. *

kogul5 8.04.18 - 05:10pm
The mbios just flicker to main and back up continuesly. *

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