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Subject: Laptop recently slow?!!
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spngbob 6.12.16 - 06:32pm
My almost one year old laptop, Lenovo G50, I5, 1TB HD, 4GIG RAM, running windows 8.1, has recently become much slower than usual???? I mainly use it for light gaming and music and my wife downloads movies on her phone which she then transfers to the laptop to watch. I ran a virus scan with Avira and it found 200+? I also ran Malwarebytes and it also found quite a number of malware? I then ran Registry Mechanic and it also found and fixed a gazillion errors......??? I then proceeded to do a hardware scan with the built in checker, and got a SMART warning the first time i ran it, but the scan indicated all hardware functioning properly??? When i ran it again two weeks later, no warnings and all HW reported in order??? Thing is after all this laptop is a bit better but still very slow?? Especially on startup??? Any ideas what else it might be or what i can do to check???? * +

norega 6.12.16 - 09:10pm
Reset windows is the best thing to do . Back up all your files first though * +

john_163 7.12.16 - 06:03pm
yea,reset windows an disable programs you installd in startup... * +

engines 30.12.16 - 06:14am
You may also partition the drives and move heavy files to it. Then try using ccleaner , tuneup or msconfig to disable some startup programs, if it's still not satisfactory, back up and refresh or reinstall. * +

3mel 31.12.16 - 06:16pm
wherever you were visiting stop going there. * +

norega 31.12.16 - 06:17pm
Yeah to much will make you go blind * +

archer38 1.01.17 - 05:39pm
install 1 antivirus 2 or more antivirus gives your system slower * +

kakasanabaka 4.01.17 - 10:15am
format n install os again * +

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