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Subject: Safe mode disk.sys
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skippie7 9.02.16 - 11:17am
I recently installed win 7 on my toshiba laptop. When turning on it freezes at windows startup and restarts. I try booting into safemode but it hangs on disk.sys. Is there any solution on this? I've searched google and here but not of the suggestions work. Help will be appreciated * +

iminuru 9.02.16 - 12:22pm
I am not an authority but recently I have faced something similar, when my PC would reboot, become stable, then again reboot, I am using Win-7. My advise is 2 reinstall Windows 7, from scratch. * +

skippie7 9.02.16 - 02:25pm
That was what I did, after install it did the same, would removing ram one at a time help? As the case with black screen on pc where u just clean the ram and place it back * +

iminuru 9.02.16 - 04:38pm
May be. give it a try. My experiance was a little bad, as I have 2 find a new ISO, my old Win-7 disk (CD) was not working. and I learned 1 new thing, ''RUFAS'', for the first time. * +

skippie7 10.02.16 - 11:41am
I also used rufus to install win 7, but still stuck at disk.sys * +

iminuru 10.02.16 - 12:33pm
an advice, better try an other disk/image of windows 7. * +

mok214 10.02.16 - 11:18pm
Yep, the disk image is probably corrupted. * +

john_163 15.02.16 - 12:05am
Not sure If RAM or Mobo or Mayb HDD... * +

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