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Subject: making n burning dvds
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warded 8.10.21 - 07:03pm
Cloud storage is a fancypants term for external servers... nana * +

sisfreak2017 9.10.21 - 01:15am
They can make good garden ornaments. stick two discs together(data side out) and drill small holes, so you can link
about three doubled discs together with string. Tie them up somewhere and enjoy the colours.

They drive cats bananas when the suns on them. * +

3mel 10.10.21 - 10:23pm

@ warded - 8.10.21 - 07:03pm
Cloud storage is a fancypants term for external servers... nana

build yourself a NAS * +

badapple 18.10.21 - 09:41am
A NAS is easy enough to build using a raspberry pi, and OpenMediaVault. Its a free NAS software. Most commercial NAS units run at around 800 mhz a raspberry pi 4 runs at 1.2GHz so its around 50 '/. faster than something costing 5 times more. You can also update on a regular basis, so you are always running the latest versions of both the operating system and the NAS software. Will take no more than 1 hour to set up from scratch. * +

alvar89 18.10.21 - 04:55pm
I used freenas (now being renamed truenas) for a few years. That way i built it in a older pc i had laying around for free alongside the software. Used a bunch of different sized harddrives for the total pool. It was suprisingly fast when i had around 8gb of ram installed. It was very snappy and stable.

I ran a personal cloud on it making my phone upload pictures to it. It has a ton of features you can set up media servers and file sharing. Added the file drives as network drives on my computers and on the phone just accessed it thru a file manager.

The transfer speed was a constant 120 or so mb per second i remember. I was running a gigabit network thru a switch so that limited its peak speed. Going on a 10gbit network would of made it too expensive for cheap homemade nas. *

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