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Subject: Autoplay/Autorun Help
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deewinc 27.04.11 - 07:58am
hi guys..,i need a way to make my p.c autoplay/autorun devices like flashdisks or dvd, cds like other p.c's do when these devices are attached to the p.c...how do it do it? * +

the.rain 27.04.11 - 08:04am
what os, if win7 go to control panel then autoplay, but what you want to do is not recomended its the easiest way of installing a virus from the media, as your granting it to run without being checked first * +

deewinc 27.04.11 - 03:40pm
Am running windows xp sp3 and i dont seem to find any of the suggested ideas...any other way? * +

proton 27.04.11 - 05:09pm
dont turn on autorun * +

edit.or 28.04.11 - 02:06am
just make shortcuts that will execute the drives from the desktop and click it with thrusted media.you can also put it in quicklaunch.that is if you really think you need it * +

edit.or 28.04.11 - 02:10am
but if you really insist on autorun i ll help.if the normal methods dont work,it may be a restrictive policy from gpedit that blocks this.it may be in registry but i don t can t tell the path straight from the mind. i ll look into it if you need it * +

warded 17.05.22 - 02:15pm

@ proton - 27.04.11 - 05:09pm
dont turn on autorun

redalert Listen to this man! *

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