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Subject: Galaxy A71
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recurve16 1.09.20 - 05:06pm

@ crail - 1.09.20 - 05:17am
ahh, just needs a battery then. If you want your stuff off it

no idea how you come to that conclusion dunno.gif there was no sign of the battery giving up, it just started freezing and crashing.

It still takes a charge, just very random if it switches on or not, lucky if it fires up 1 in 10 attempts, might get to the start up screen or the home screen or might actually get on for a minute or 2, then just crashes again.

I've managed to get a load of contacts off my old S5, I've changed the profile pic on my WhatsApp to a message telling everybody I've lost my numbers and to message me, so hopefully just a matter of time... * +

crail 2.09.20 - 03:35am
I just think it sounds like a battery problem * +

recurve16 2.09.20 - 06:53am
Yay managed to get into it for long enough last night, to get everything I needed dance.gif

Surprising thing is, the fkr is sitting there still working, as if there was never a problem. Lol.gif

No matter, I'm loving this A71... * +

crail 2.09.20 - 04:42pm
Sorted * +

recurve16 23.09.20 - 10:00pm
New mast just gone up about quarter mile from my house, strongest signal I've ever had, phone is rapid. Thumbs-up.gif * +

mok214 8.10.20 - 10:21pm
I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy A21 last week. And Since Boost Mobile by Dish has access to T-Mobile towers, I get a great signal even though I'm out in the middle of nowhere. *

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