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Subject: Samsung A30 MDM Lock
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mopac 22.06.20 - 12:35pm
Hello Tech Gurus, its been long since I showed up here. Hope everyone is superb. I have a Samsung A305F and it has a pattern lock and TalkBack settings is on. I can't reset it via recovery mode it says MDM does not allow factory reset and it reboots normally. I can't enter Download Mode to flash it either. It has pie 9 with binary 2. How can you help me with this? I forgot the pattern lock I had set. Its now been two months having it like that and I tried YouTube tutorials but none of it worked. Your response will be highly appreciate. Many thanks and stay safe. *

crail 24.06.20 - 04:37am
Stay safe and give the phone back *

mopac 25.06.20 - 03:56am
It's my own phone that I bought with my own hard earned money so quit the give the phone back crap!!!! *

eddy080 4.09.20 - 06:52am
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