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Subject: Stolen phone
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sxcrico 19.04.19 - 01:45pm
Hi people

Please can anyone assist me in tracking down my stolen phone. Please I really need help it's a Samsung s7 edge or is there a way I can get my pictures back *

3mel 19.04.19 - 07:44pm
if your pictures were uploaded to a cloud account then you can log in from anywhere and download them. if you didn't set that up then...

as for the phone, did you activate the find my phone feature ? I've never used it myself but it can be used to locate your phone if it was activated. *

sxcrico 20.04.19 - 07:31pm
Yes I activated it Mel it just does not give my location cause my network is offline *

3mel 21.04.19 - 04:17pm
most phones that are stolen are useless in the continent they were stolen from due to network IMEI blocking, they usually go abroad where that block means nothing.

if you've reported it stolen there's little reason to keep it in the country. *

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