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Subject: galaxy s4
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thywoh01 14.12.18 - 12:06am
Does anyone know how i can make my wifi and bluetooth to start working again *

3mel 16.12.18 - 08:51pm
describe the problem in more detail *

thywoh01 17.01.19 - 01:49am
If I want to use my wifi connection it won't on and that of Bluetooth also and having problem with the phone for overheating *

3mel 17.01.19 - 10:40am
it's either going to have a cause that's software related or hardware related.

to test for it being a software issue you can try a factory reset after saving as much data as you can.
or you can flash a full stock rom via PC to see if having that makes a difference.

if your phone hasn't had any alterations to it's firmware it should have a secret hardware test program that can be run via a dial code.

[link]http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/mobile-devices/how-do-i-perform-a-hardware-test-on-my-samsung-galaxy-s5/[/link] *

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