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All model Samsung Problem, Codes and Solutions! - Page 20/20

Subject: All model Samsung Problem, Codes and Solutions!
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3mel 17.01.19 - 01:18am
if a card is being written to and that gets interrupted somehow the card usually goes to read only. take the card out of the phone and put it into a bigger SDcard adaptor and put that into your laptop directly.
this happened to me twice where the phone couldn't read the card and it couldn't be formatted anymore BUT all my files were still there to be copied over onto a new card eventually. * +

recurve16 5.02.19 - 05:47am
I done the card into card adaptor into laptop thing Mel and it said no card detected or card unreadable or something along those lines, was a couple of weeks ago now, so can't remember exactly.
I've managed this long without the stuff that was on it, so no big deal.
But thanks for the advice anyway mate... * +

sammy19x 7.02.20 - 10:10pm

@ aks700 - 31.03.12 - 06:01am
All samsung models dont support minimizing of apps and pmguys answer correctly, its a symbol button rohit

How wrong are you *

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