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flash 5.06.05 - 04:10pm
You press the GO TO MENU button and the phone turn off. The solution to the problem is to delete the last bookmark or replace it with another bookmark. good the amount of bookmark is not the problem, it is the last bookmark * +

inter4u 5.06.05 - 04:21pm
Noooooo! It has nothing to do with bookmarks. The only solutions are: 1. PUT ONLY 9 SHORTCUTS! THAT IS THE MAXIMUM SAFE AMOUNT! 2. NEVER PUT THE SHORTCUT FOR 'LAST WEB URL'. Thats all. drunk2 * +

flash 5.06.05 - 05:20pm
No because i have 5 item in my shortcut menu and i dont have the last web url and i test it when it happen to me, i remove every shortcut menu and i add and minus and i delete bookmark and add bookmark and i find out that when you have 25 bookmark with one consist of ? or _ you may have that problem * +

ice 5.06.05 - 06:08pm
If you have a xhtml browser check the Mobiles misc section at http://geocities.com/topwarlord - I've solved my 'go to' problem for good on my 7250i. * +

inter4u 5.06.05 - 11:15pm
Pmpl we are ALL xhtml browser. Thats why we can view this site. drunk2 * +

sly04 6.06.05 - 12:34am
Al i had 2 do iz clear my cache an i have 50 bookmarks * +

inter4u 6.06.05 - 12:37pm
@flash do u mean the bookmark that we added to the shortcuts of the one in the service options? Well, I have 10 shortcuts without bookmarks init. But then in the service options i have 50, yeah, thats full. Lol. And i have nooo problem at all. What bout u? drunk2 * +

ice 6.06.05 - 12:41pm
When I used prodigits forums several months back, half the people bugged me why they couldnt view the site. Many had 7210's, 3510i's etc. * +

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