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Islam for Beginners - Page 4/5

Subject: Islam for Beginners
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miaiad 6.12.21 - 03:56am

@ trunking - 6.12.21 - 12:29am
There's not a single mosque in Slovakia and none in Athens. Did you know thatquestion.gif

Oh really?
I didn't * +

trunking 6.12.21 - 12:22pm
I was watching TRT World YouTube channel lol.gif
Very interesting. * +

trunking 6.12.21 - 12:28pm

@ miaiad - 6.12.21 - 03:56am
Oh really?
I didn't

Greece had some type of treaty after the fall of Ottoman Rule. Greece was supposed to keep Turkish population and, in turn, Istanbul would do the same with their Greek population.
But, Greece didn't follow the treaty fully.
Former mosques were demolished or converted for other uses (especially in the capital). Only capital city of the EU without a mosque. Turks are only welcome in NE region on border with European Turkey.
But, can't elect muftis of their own. They are appointed by government of Greece.
* +

trunking 6.12.21 - 12:33pm

@ miaiad - 6.12.21 - 03:56am
Oh really?
I didn't

Slovakia wants to keep it like it is, with no mosques (only country of the EU like that). If enough signatures are taken, then there will be mosques built. But, will never reach that target.
Slovakia used that excuse in not allowing (Muslim) refugees, saying ''How could they want to live here? They won't like it here!''
Seems to have dissuaded many. * +

miaiad 7.12.21 - 10:53am
read.gif ummm... * +

trunking 8.12.21 - 10:13am
So Athens finally got a mosque about this time last year during the current pandemic chin.gif

And did you know that the Parthenon was a mosque once lol.gif It was turned into a mosque in the early 1460s during Ottoman Occupation. * +

aaliyahz 9.12.21 - 08:40am

@ miaiad - 7.11.21 - 08:41pm
(1) [link]The mind and the existence of God:https://youtu.be/N-wV3chQPlE[/link]
(2) [link]The mind and the prophecy:https://youtu.be/-j_EqqSITTY[/link]
(3) [link]The miracles and prophets:https://youtu.be/n6JUtngqJkA[/link]
(4) [link]The characteristics of prophets:https://youtu.be/ZtLFNZ6Kpp4[/link]
(5) [link]The characteristics of Allah:https://youtu.be/NLHzjGu_Ino[/link]
(6) [link]Monotheism and Polytheism:https://youtu.be/wG5r5mcfenk[/link]
(7) [link]Oldness, survival and contradictory to imagination:https://youtu.be/C6akMBP8pBc[/link]
(8) [link]Types of God's polytheism:https://youtu.be/ygSu1S48BNo[/link]
(9) [link]Who created the god?:https://youtu.be/1ucCeQhLl7k[/link]
(10) [link]The ability of God Almighty:https://youtu.be/x5_4uusUK_4[/link]
(11) [link]The will of God Almighty:https://youtu.be/B9yos8KIl2c[/link]
(12) [link]Knowledge and survival attributes of God almighty:https://youtu.be/zdOmvXyzzyE[/link]

Masha Allah.. * +

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