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Subject: UK Politics cont...
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1clivey1 21.09.19 - 01:40pm
Here we go..... * +

cerberus611 21.09.19 - 01:41pm
repost.gif * +

cerberus611 21.09.19 - 01:41pm
Leave the EU with or without a deal... * +

3mel 21.09.19 - 01:46pm
we are leaving short of a 2nd referendum which isn't that likely. * +

eyesore 21.09.19 - 03:46pm
There was nothing wrong with the last one ....apart from newt making his normal t**t out of himself ....but that's par the course * +

tranie 21.09.19 - 08:04pm
You got to excuse newt, he's had that many new bums ripped he forgets which one to wipe after a shyte. It's getting so bad the smell of faeces is starting to show in his posts. * +

newt182 21.09.19 - 09:25pm
Pretty sure what all the gammons said after the referendum has not come true and most I said has.

Tearing down the far right cowards since the referendum dancing.gif winner.gif * +

9362 22.09.19 - 12:32am
Still waiting for answers as to who should have been in charge in the war instead of Churchill and what policy they should have pursued. Would they have preferred Lord Halifax? Getting a touch fed up of the constant slagging off by the left of our ww2 heroes. Churchill, bomber Harris, Keith Park, did so much for us... But the left seem to despise them * +

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