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Subject: uk politics cont...
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wakeup4 29.01.22 - 01:16pm

@ 3mel - 28.01.22 - 05:01pm
so no Sue Gray report for the public ?

the Met Police ask for key references not to made public while they investigate.

Yes the cult look after each other * +

eyesore 29.01.22 - 02:59pm

@ 9362 - 25.01.22 - 09:21pm
Fair point eyesore, and btw welcome back mate

Thanking you * +

obi_jon 29.01.22 - 03:04pm
Boris is going to call Putin about Ukraine and visit the region.


So that's Ukraine fkd then.

Obviously he's hoping a contrived display of statesmanship will be enough to bury Sue Gray's report which, if it completely exonerated the PM and his staff, would have been published in full already. It's obviously bad, the only question is how bad.chin.gif * +

eyesore 29.01.22 - 03:06pm
Boris has trouble at home , Putin has problems at home and biden is sleeping walking into a economic catastrophe...... poor Ukraine * +

ogdenz 30.01.22 - 02:19am
We are actually sending a chicken to Kiev. * +

obi_jon 30.01.22 - 09:20am
Boris Johnson - ''I have ordered our armed forces to prepare to deploy across Europe next week, ensuring we are able to support our Nato allies on land, at sea and in the air.'' * +

eyesore 30.01.22 - 09:32am
He wants his Churchill moment..... I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he starts threatening a nuclear response at some point * +

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