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Subject: Twi-Your conversations with twi
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3mel 3.03.24 - 12:31pm
too many AI scrapes being done on instagram.

LLM's learn from the internet so it's a lifeless newborn learning from the dumbest of man's produce. * +

wakeup4 3.03.24 - 01:30pm
Im sure twi thinks Im mental for_sure.gif * +

obi_jon 3.03.24 - 04:38pm

@ shadow27 - 3.03.24 - 02:52am
They've been doing simulated wargames with these AI.. it always escalates fairly quickly to nuclear annihilation. Why? It's a wargame, there seems to be no concept of diplomacy or any human elements at all. That's why you don't put AI in charge of such things.

I posted about that in the Artificial Intelligence topic about a week or so ago. They have no emotions, so there is no fear of their own destruction/death and no empathy or remorse when they're destroying their assigned enemies. * +

obi_jon 3.03.24 - 04:48pm

@ wakeup4 - 3.03.24 - 01:30pm
Im sure twi thinks Im mental for_sure.gif

lololol.gifand i'm sure twi wouldn't be wrong if it didyes.gif but as I have tried numerous times to explain to you, they don't ''think'' anything at all, they are not sentient beings, they're just sophisticated computer programs.

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