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Subject: Brand new Lumia 950 XL
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banbury 28.03.21 - 05:54pm

@ 3mel - 26.03.21 - 09:38pm
yup, all accessories are made while the phone is still selling and fairly new.

I got myself a ''new'' battery for my One M8 and it was worse than the one I'd had taken out. if a phone needs help while out and about I'll use a powerbank over an old new battery.

The HTC One M8 was a gorgeous phone especially in sliver or gold I wish I could find one of those in new condition today lol * +

polo_011 14.04.21 - 10:54pm
shock.gif Good grief! That is a 6 year old phone now!! Wow time flies. Are you able to use any apps etc...? I see EOL for Windows 10 Mobile was early last year so most apps should be relatively fine. How is the Snapdragon 810 treating you? That was probably the most hated chip in the Qualcomm history in Androids but I never heard much complaint from the W10M community seems it ran Windows better.
* +

spunkydj 11.07.21 - 03:00pm
Good luck finding apps when they shut everything off * +

banbury 5.08.21 - 09:38am
Apparently the 810 in the 950XL is a second generation version which isn't so bad. I found that out entirely by accident. I've had no issues with any apps so far, although there is no BBC iPlayer app, but you can just use the browser to access that service, something that isn't possible on 8.1. the battery isn't brilliant though! so I plan to source a third party alternative. sorry I havnt logged in here for some time. * +

banbury 5.08.21 - 09:46am
PS: you can only stream on iPlayer not download! but that was also the case even when the app was available, on older versions of this platform. *

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