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Lumia 550 Jailbreak - Page 1/1

Subject: Lumia 550 Jailbreak
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tyuip 29.03.18 - 05:21am
How do you know if the phone has been jailbreak or piece malicious code was is loaded onto it? * +

sisfreak2017 1.04.18 - 08:46pm
if you can sideload apps without enabling developmer mode it could be UNlocked not Jailbroken thats ipoo's , as for malicious sh*t No no no why on earth choose WP when youd be better off with more popular android devices. * +

3mel 2.04.18 - 04:32pm
he's not asking how to screw up his phone. * +

crail 2.04.18 - 07:59pm
I worried about this with a reconditioned n900. Windows is pretty locked down. I wouldn't worry about it * +

sisfreak2017 3.04.18 - 04:12pm
sideloading isn't breaking your phone or wasnt , it was allowed in all Wp8 as standard for a while.
, but still required store authenticity check, now you must activated developer mode to side load unless unlock it as OP i thinks worry about , very very very unlikely anyone apart from clever xda crew could aff malware into WP 7,8,10 like crail said its locked down like ipoos.
If you attempt to unlock WP boootloader your risking fu*k your phone which i think mel was referring to. *

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