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Subject: Microsoft acquire Nokia Devices and Services Unit
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polo_011 3.09.13 - 09:11am
Seems the Trojan Horse aka Stephen Elop has done a fine job in bringing Nokia down to its knees and something many of us predicted long ago has happened. Microsoft has pulled the trigger and bought Nokia's devices and services unit for 7.17 billion USD: http://is.gd/6HHUvD * +

flash 3.09.13 - 05:35pm
wow reading * +

proton 3.09.13 - 06:39pm
such a shame. still can't fathom the fact that s**t things like instagram are worth 1bil and nokia is valued at just 7 fkin bil * +

polo_011 4.09.13 - 11:27pm
It's quite funny, I remember people laughing at Android in S60 Forum, especially when OPK said that using Android was like urinating on ones self to keep warm, here we are 3-4years later and Nokia are being sold for a measly 7billion, and are barely a blip in the smartphone industry. How the mighty have fallen and crumbled. dislike.gif There's going to be a lot of restructuring and messing around, I wish those who own Nokia WP's best of luck. * +

deewinc 6.09.13 - 12:08am
I wonder what name they will have now, MOKIA ? ? ? o_O *

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