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Subject: NO WP8 for current WP devices
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polo_011 20.06.12 - 07:49pm
Microsoft just confirmed that current Windows Phone 7 devices will not be getting Windows Phone 8, but some newer WP7s will get a 'Lite update' to WP7.8 with a few WP8 features in it, So far seems only the Nokia Lumia900, HTC Radar and Samsung Focus S will get it: http://is.gd/CWYaXi * +

banbury 21.06.12 - 12:34am
you would think every mango device would get it at least. not good. * +

polo_011 21.06.12 - 10:02am
Typical Microsoft, an entire generation of devices has now been left behind, i feel sorry for those who recently got the Lumia900 in hope that it would get WP8. Now who's to say Microsoft won't play this same card when they bring WP9? * +

f1ddy 2.07.12 - 12:49am
Thats not fair on users who are stuck with a contract and having to wait for wp8 flava * +

trollulz 2.07.12 - 09:12pm
7.8 brings a decent upgrade to current gen devices *

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