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Subject: Phone reception
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banbury 20.02.21 - 08:54pm
Back in the 90s reviewers used to test phones on signal strength something that never gets a mention these days. after researching it online Ive only found one site that picks the Doro phone easy as the best reception of 23db. dumb phones are usually better for signal strength, but that article is from 2018 does anybody no of any sites that are more recent? * +

banbury 20.02.21 - 09:00pm
One thing I do know is that iPhones with Intel modems are not as good in the RF department as Qualcomn based iPhones and android devices. one assumes the scenario is different with Qualcomm iPhones including the new 12 series, because they use a Qualcomm X55 modem. * +

3mel 21.02.21 - 12:16am
body design as well has to be a factor. looking at those thin strips at the top of the phone that supposed to be for the antenna, signal strength has been sacrificed for aesthetics. * +

banbury 21.02.21 - 06:46am
Yes and lets face it iPhones have never been known for good performance in that respect regardless of what modem is inside. Do you remember the case with the iPhone 4? thats why the 4S had a redesign. Apple was trying to dictate to people how to hold their iPhone 4 which didnt go down very well lol. * +

3mel 21.02.21 - 12:35pm
lol yes ''you're holding it wrong'' not we designed it poorly. *

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