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Subject: Pay as you go.
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obi_jon 22.07.14 - 08:15am
I get free data, calls and txts for topping up each month but here's the thing, all the 'free' stuff easily see's me through the month and my credit just keeps building up. What the fk am I supposed to spend it on?dontknow.gif * +

obsidian21 22.07.14 - 09:29am
Which network you on? * +

obi_jon 23.07.14 - 08:25am
Orange/EE * +

finsa 23.07.14 - 12:42pm
donate some to charity? * +

ndrau 3.03.16 - 07:43pm
BEER WHISKEY WEED thats all u need . . . * +

mok214 7.08.16 - 08:09am
See if you can use the credit for a new phone. * +

3mel 22.02.21 - 02:08am
how bored am I ?

when you eventually see the notification, is this still the case ?

you could put that credit towards some really expensive android software that interests you.
photoshop maybe, or some movies, music or audio books perhaps. there's lots of regular media on play store and it's spin offs just waiting for your consumption. there are subscriptions to online versions of magazines too, all purchasable thru play store with phone credit (if that payment method is set up). * +

banbury 22.02.21 - 02:21am
On 02 in the Uk you used to be able to use your credit towards a phone not sure if you still can though. But I dont think EE have ever done anything like that. * +

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