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Subject: Et tu brutal?
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darkxn 20.10.12 - 09:36am

@ wildhart - 24.09.12 - 12:28pm
I highly recommend Cerebral Bore one of the best new Death Metal bands Ive heard

Finally got round to giving them a good listen and, yeah, brilliant! :D But I nearly s**t myself, when I googled them n found that the beast on vocals is a girl! :O She makes Angela Gossow sound like a member of the Backside Boys!!! * +

wildhart 20.10.12 - 09:48am
Its fricking crazy isnt it?? Shes a nutter live * +

vampboy 20.10.12 - 10:02am
what kind of death metal do they play? * +

darkxn 20.10.12 - 10:13am
Fkn crazy! :D Wouldn't mind seeing them! - - It's brutal death metal, vamp; I would never have guessed it was a girl on vox if I hadn't google - that chick owns!!! And the musicianship is great, too! * +

vampboy 20.10.12 - 10:29am
Well when I first listened to Arch Enemy, I was unaware that the vocalist was a chick and melodic death metal is supposed to be the least heaviest of the sub genre, so I can imagine how It must be like with Brutal, I will check it out. * +

darkxn 20.10.12 - 10:46am
I listen to a lot of DM so Angela clearly sounds like a girl to me but not this Simone person - and she's still YOUNG - barely in her 20's! * +

trunking 17.11.22 - 05:40pm
Great list. Reading2.gif * +

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