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Subject: HiFi speakers
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rapgod 1.07.17 - 09:00pm
@usbcable-beatz b fashionable 2 Gs bro/sing wen ya win an bling wen ya sing/holla * +

usbcable 3.07.17 - 08:47am
Soo.. I've bought some speaker cable. Not the very expensive stuff but quality German made with 4mm diameter copper conductors and gold plated banana plugs. These will sound as good as the expensive audiophools cables * +

mikeymk 5.07.17 - 01:44am
4x Eltax Silverstone 220

I'm not great about them, but they're fine for now, as I live in a flat. Especially as they're well-fed, bi-wired into 2x four channel amps. * +

herb1e 3.08.17 - 07:26am
Lol at beats headphones is like I phones. Marketing overpriced below content products. . I have audio technica athm50x. I am looking to get wireless headphones but not sure what to get yet. I don't want one with buttons as muscle memory searching for it is not great lol any suggestions much appreciated. * +

lapple 27.06.19 - 10:06pm
Epos are excellent *

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