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Subject: Britney Spears
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gayanibf 27.01.09 - 10:08pm
cob are a crazy bunch anyway. did u see the live in helsinki video. i think its available to download in torrents. d*mn what a life. drink all day. then get hold of a room with equipment and drink while they figure out new songs, and they get up next day with hangover and realize they're to record the album in two hours.. lol. * +

gayanibf 27.01.09 - 10:10pm
and wiki or some source say that alexi spends his day drinking, playing vdo games and practicing guitar. faint that man is gonna dissolve soon if he keeps on drinking like that. * +

bdmaash 28.01.09 - 01:51am
i smoke canabis everyday i mean everyday and u knw wat m also gna dissolve soon * +

gayanibf 28.01.09 - 03:38am
na. you're probably gonna get cancer if u dont stop ina while. drink spirits from morning to night if u wanna dissolve. yes * +

gayanibf 28.01.09 - 03:41am
a few years back i used to smoke cannabis from 10am - 10pm daily for 2years. you just get enough of it. but being a drunkard is a different story. its a very hard habit to quit. * +

bdmaash 28.01.09 - 09:07am
i dont drinkfaint thank god... * +

bdmaash 28.01.09 - 10:03am
alasno i dont wana have cancer its beta t stop smoking canabis and start having some fresh juices instead * +

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