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Subject: GaMMa RaY
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raged 4.05.08 - 01:35pm
Ye are right, go get Blast from The Past first, it's a 2cd compilation but the songs are re-recorded and rearranged. * +

mindwar 4.05.08 - 02:06pm
I just ordered Powerplant and Land of the Free. Hey but on Blast from the Past, are the songs from the first 3 albums as well with vocals of Kai or do they still have the vocals of Ralf? * +

raged 4.05.08 - 02:46pm
The whole thing is rerecorded so the vocals are done by Hansen * +

mindwar 4.05.08 - 03:14pm
Then its a musthave, i got so impressed when hearing the No World Order, that i want to have all what they brought out! How r their last 2 albums? Are they really so bad as everybody says? * +

raged 4.05.08 - 05:07pm
Newest Land of The Free pt2 isn't as great as the earlier once, but Majestic is a must get. Tho I havent listenned LoTF2 that much, so I cant evaluate it too well. * +

skadi_88 4.05.08 - 06:10pm
Somewhere Out In Space is quite epic. =) * +

mindwar 4.05.08 - 06:34pm
That sounds gr8! And how r the first 3 albums with ralf? * +

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