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Subject: What's your Vocal Range?
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trunking 21.07.21 - 07:35pm
I know, completely random lol.gif but anyway..
What vocal range are you?
Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Contralto, Tenor, Countertenor/Alto, Baritone or Bassquestion.gif * +

alanball 22.07.21 - 11:21am
mafia Soprano * +

crimson 23.07.21 - 10:35pm
I have no clue what all that means, but I think I'm not too sh*tty singing along. I have an average girly voice, can hit slightly higher notes. But I also have a voice that can carry across a distance, like to call for someone's attention if I needed to. * +

pmbguy 15.12.21 - 06:02am
Low male tone, not sure what you call it, used to be falsetto before my voice broke lol * +

stratboy 17.12.21 - 05:38pm
Any as long as its in tune *

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