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Subject: HiFi speakers
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stratboy 9.05.17 - 06:47pm

@ crail - 9.05.17 - 02:50pm
Yes. He's the yes man. It's silly

ok * +

usbcable 21.05.17 - 02:38pm
Anybody used ATC speakers? There really quite expensive but supposed to sound very good * +

stratboy 22.05.17 - 10:22pm
probably * +

norega 27.05.17 - 11:30am
I have Kef Q700 speakers in my front room and BaW DM601 in my spare room ,The BaW's are amazingly good value if you can find a pair second hand . For 100 they are a bargin and ideal for smaller rooms ,IF you have a bigger room get floor standing speakers . Buy british made hifi what ever you buy as its superior to anything made in japan * +

usbcable 28.05.17 - 08:00pm
My room is quite small at only 2.5 Mtrs by 3.5 Mtrs... You got a pair of DM601 for 100??? Omg they usually cost silly money!! .. My amp is Marantz PM8005 and CD player is Pm6006 and I use the raspberry pi with IQaudIO pi DAC PRO for playing high res files.. So not all British made but still as good as many much more expensive products. * +

usbcable 28.05.17 - 08:09pm
I recently repaired a Cyrus Two amplifier.. In it's day it probably cost over 700 but the build quality really isn't great. The compactness of the components causes it to hum when the volume is turned up with no signal. The headphone socket is wired with a resistor in the ground instead of one in each left/right channel which affects channel separation when headphone listening. Thin plastic pegs hold the power switch push rod and I had to glue and reinforce these as they were broken.... * +

usbcable 28.05.17 - 08:15pm
The volume control has a cheap clicker wheel that's meant to give the volume control the feel of a more expensive wire wound resistor but it's just a cheap volume pot made by ALPS. The input selector and tape source switches bend back and forth on the pcb when you turn them. The input preamp and phono stage are using IC op amp stages which are nothing to write home about. So you see this amp isn't amazing yet has a high price tag * +

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