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How Does Anyone Define Trip Hop Music? - Page 1/1

Subject: How Does Anyone Define Trip Hop Music?
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d.boon 24.04.17 - 03:46am
As a novice I bought a CD called She A Female Trip-Hop Experience to make myself familier to the genre. After so many listens the music itself came across as a mash up of downtempo hip hop beats, breakbeat (sampling), dubby reggae rhythms, ambient pop/rock, drum n bass, electronica, spaced out sounds with soulful singing. *

stratboy 24.04.17 - 08:30am
buy some more *

usbcable 21.05.17 - 02:36pm
Your description is spot on PW *

nvidia69 20.08.17 - 10:01pm
Apart from the reggae element, I'd say they all share that downtempo hip-hop beat and have a sombre feeling about them. Check out Massive Attack, Portishead and Tricky *

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