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Subject: Tormented!
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tazdevil 21.04.17 - 12:00pm
This may seem trivial, but that Drake/Rihanna song has been annoying me for weeks. I heard it several weeks ago, and it's like permanently stuck in my head. Such an annoying f*cking song, yet I find myself singing that rubbish every so often. I don't know all the words, just have the tune and random lines so it's just 'WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK NA NA NA NA NA' I keep repeating.
gaah.gif I just can't take this anymore. It's not leaving my memory, and it seriously annoys me and drives me demented. Why does a song get stuck in your head? How do you get a song out of your head? Look, I'm not that pathetic that I would be desperate enough to ask for help on a forum, unless things were really bad lol *

somerson 21.04.17 - 12:55pm
Hah seems you suffer from a bad case of melodymanialol.gif


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